We regularly address the concerns of local communities expressed and collected during periodic consultations. We intervene in the following priority areas:

  • Health

We work for the prevention of endemics / pandemics (HIV / AIDS, COVID-19) and common diseases (malaria, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc.) through awareness campaigns as well as free and voluntary screening. We provide direct medical care for people who are tested positive and refer complex cases to specialised health facilities.



  • Education

We are a committed promoter of academic excellence. We invest in teaching materials and stationary, the construction and/or rehabilitation of light infrastructure such as latrines and classrooms. We equally support recognition and prize award initiatives organized by academic institutions.



  • Potable water

We have considerably improved access to potable water, thus reducing diseases linked to the consumption of unclean water by providing more than 40 boreholes since 2007. These are now managed by the benefitting communities.



  • Social and cultural activities

We are open to win-win partnerships in the organization of trade fairs, annual traditional festivals as well as other high profile cultural events. We also fund and accompany activities and/or projects submitted by charities, orphanages or other organized groups that stand up for common interests.




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